WANTED: the new single Jack Snow & The Flakes “Baby, Please Come Home (For Christmas)” is a genuine quest for love.
The song was inspired by a train journey. Songwriter & producer Kris Keijser: Last year around Christmas time I got on the
night train to Amsterdam. Opposite me, a boy was seated with an intensely sad expression on his face and tears in his eyes.
When I asked him if he was OK, he burst into tears and he told me he felt terrible about the way he had treated his girlfriend
and that for Christmas he only wanted one present: For her to return to him.
Inspired by this intense sadness of the boy, I immediately wrote the lyrics for a song and the next day I sat down at the piano
and composed the music to finish the song. The final result is this poppy Christmas song!
I would love to find out how this boy’s story ended. I’d also like to thank him for inspiring me to write this song and to dedicate this song to him! Do you recognize this story and do you know who this boy is who was on that night train to Amsterdam that evening?
Please get in touch!

“Baby, Please Come Home (For Christmas)” is available through all major download and streaming portals, such as Spotify and iTunes.

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