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Red Bullet: who, what, where.


Red Bullet, since April 1st 1968. Official name: Red Bullet Productions B.V.
Making it the oldest, still operating, independent record label in the Netherlands. It is home to: Golden Earring, Shocking Blue, Focus, Earth & Fire, Het Goede Doel, Stars On 45, Tol Hansse, Jeroen van der Boom, Wolter Kroes, Nova and Peru (synthesizer music), but Vangrail and The Soca Boys, too. Over the years, quite a number of other artists and bands have signed with Red Bullet.

What does Red Bullet do?

Starting in 1968, Red Bullet is originally a record production company, scouting for, representing, developing and producing artists for local and international audiences. In 1986 the Red Bullet label was founded. It released music by all artists mentioned, and it still represents those recordings today. All Red Bullet releases are available for purchase on CD and many on vinyl as well. Digital releases are available via all major download and streaming portals.

Where is Red Bullet?

In Hilversum, the Dutch media capital. Where else?

So what is Nanada Music?

Nanada Music is a collective name for our in-house music publishers. It represents and controls copyrights for Red Bullet artists’ compositions

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