OUT NOW – The Klaxons – Clap Clap Sound 2020

In 1983 music producer Jan Neef from Lembeek, Belgium and his band The Klaxons had a worldwide hit with the accordion song Clap Clap Sound.
Recently the track was re-discovered and has become very populair again!
So popular that Jan Neef re-releases the single!

In 1983, Clap Clap Sound hit the charts in 15 countries, including 25 weeks in South Africa. “We even toured all the major concert halls there. And in England we were invited to play at the legendary Top of The Pops”, says Jan Neef. “With a simple accordion hit without lyrics. It’s a song that makes everyone smile, the melody lingers in your head for days!”

Jan is not the only one who thinks so. Recently he was asked by a German producer of kids programs if Clap Clap Sound could be used in a series of films that focus on getting children away from the computer by teaching them to sing and dance again. And successfully; in no time the music video had been viewed more than 6 million times worldwide!

The updated version of Clap Clap Sound will be available on all download and streaming portals from Friday March 20.

The song has been re-mastered and a new clip has been included. Dancers perform a very infectious dance on the song and a piece of that dance is even made into a TikTok challenge.
“TikTok is very popular among the youth and in this way we also try to get the youth dancing again” says Jan.

For the collectors, a physical CD single has even been pressed, which can be bought at bol.com, among others

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