New rock sensation SLICK is ready to conquer the world!
SLICK consists of Dee Dee en David Hollestelle. They are both well-known in the music industry with an impressive state of service!

Dee Dee used to be a backing vocalist with Herman Brood & His Wild Romance.
She also recorded a solo album titled “Loving You”, with the number 1 hitsingle ‘I put a spell on you’.
Later on Dee Dee and producer Hans van Hemert formed “Vulcano”, who had a hit with the song “Een beetje van dit”.

David Hollestelle is one of Holland’s most legendary and respected rockguitar players!
David was part of Herman Brood & His Wild Romance from 1980 till 2001 and composed and arranged many songs with Herman, like ‘Sleeping Bird”, “Checking out” and many others.
Now a days David plays together with Dany Lademacher in Dany Lademacher’s Wild Romance.

After a Jamsession in Amsterdam David and Dee Dee decide to combine their musical forces.
Hollestelle’s sleezy rockrifffs together with the incantatory vocals and lyrics from Dee Dee form the base of their catchy rocksongs.
John Sonneveld and Eddy Ouwens produced the first single of SLICK, a ferm and mystique song, titled “NO ONE HEARS YOU”, with which they present themselves with a surprising new sound!

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