Barry, George, Rinus en Cesar: 50 Years Together.
New single SAY WHEN: Golden Earring rocks on!

An anniversary for Golden Earring! These days Barry, George, Rinus and Cesar have been playing together non-stop for 50 years, in this composition!
A supposedly unique fact in the world of international rock music.

As one of the few Dutch bands, Golden Earring has achieved large-scale and long-term national and international successes with, among others, Radar Love (the world’s #1 roadsong), Twilight Zone and When The Lady Smiles.
The albums Moontan and Cut became million sellers and brought Golden Earring international star status.
In home markets in the Netherlands and Belgium, Golden Earring has been dominating the statistics for years with more than 30 gold and platinum albums .

Although the band has been around for more than 50 years, it was not always in the current composition. Cesar joined the band at the end of 1969 and from that moment on there was “Cesar on drums”!
Barry, George and Rinus had been playing together for a while at the time. After a few rehearsals, the foursome went on stage in this composition from the beginning of 1970 to this day.

The band is on tour again. For the full tour schedule and tickets you can check the website of Golden Earring; !

To celebrate this happy anniversary, new music from Golden Earring is being released for the first time in 4 years :
They kick off with the single SAY WHEN, an ‘old-fashioned’, dynamic rocker from a top-notch Golden Earring !

For this single the band signed with Red Bullet again and to celebrate, a limited edition physical single will be released with the second track ‘Back Home’, a number 1 in 1970, also the breakthrough single in Germany.
“Back Home” was also the 1st single from Golden Earring in its current “golden” composition: 50 YEARS TOGETHER .

‘Say When’ is available from October 25, digitally via all major download and streaming portals and the limited edition physical single via the Golden Earring;  ,the larger retailers such as and in the merchandise stand at performances!

A few more special releases are planned for 2020, singles and vinyl …
More about that later!

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