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The Complete Jan Akkerman 26CD Box!

19-07-2018 15:58|

It's official!! Worldwide acclaimed guitarist Jan Akkerman was handed the very first copy of his "The Complete Jan Akkerman Box" by Willem van Kooten in Volendam's restaurant Smit Bokkum last week. The contents of this [...]

Hans de Booij – Witte Witte Wijn

06-07-2018 12:30|

White Wine in the sunshine.. It's summer in Holland! Check out our latest release by Hans de Booij - Witte Witte Wijn. Witte Witte Wijn (White White Wine) is a very catchy summer song with [...]

Teach In – Room 115

08-01-2018 16:42|

Long lost Teach In album found and released for the first time! It was one of the weirdest mysteries in Dutch music history. A 1979 album, recorded by Eurovision winners Teach-In, got lost before the [...]

Jack Snow’s quest for love..

27-11-2017 12:15|

WANTED: the new single Jack Snow & The Flakes “Baby, Please Come Home (For Christmas)” is a genuine quest for love. The song was inspired by a train journey. Songwriter & producer Kris Keijser: Last [...]

Vangrail – Zoveel Meer

26-10-2017 13:12|

After the successful single "Laat de Muziek Aan" Vangrail releases the follow up: "Zoveel Meer". According to the critical listener this is a sincere song with balls! The single was taken from their recently released [...]

Focus – Hocus Pocus Box

16-09-2017 12:58|

Opposites attract, or so they say. And Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer certainly are opposites. Both incredibly gifted, the two musicians inspire each other when they meet in Focus. Here you find Akkerman and [...]